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Welcome to the official hompage of Sound Aesthetics Sampling.


We are a small team of sounddesigners and composers, bringing you inspirational and easy to use virtual instruments and sounds for NI Kontakt. Furthermore it is important that every single sample has the sound we want - and you don't get hundreds of simply cutted round robin samples -. All sample libraries we're producing tend into a "cinematic" direction from really lush and wide pads to thundering perkussion ensembles or expressive solo instruments as well as a lot of sounddesigned elements.


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Now let us inspire you !


Mountains v. 3.0 released!

The new Mountains still contains the old samples, but comes along with a totally new palette of sounds like designed cinematic piano, harp or xylophone sounds as well as some Atmospheres and there is more to explore. You can find those new sounds within the patch labeled "Bonus". Even if the new sounds are great , the main thing is the new engine, it let's you now really mangle and manipulate the included sounds by utilizing the modulation system or the built in effects.

Here's a list with all important features added in v. 3.0:

  • 5 time independent step sequencers (Actually 7, some parameters share the same settings) for Distortion DRIVE, Filter CUTOFF and RESONANCE, VOLUME, PAN and Mod Fx SPEED and COLOR.
  • 4 LFOs, that can be either synched to your host or remain tempo independent.
  • Full ADSR control
  • Easy FX Rack with Reverb, Phaser, Delay, LoFi, Convolution and Eq.
  • Special Functions for each patch like con sordino for Strings or reverse for the Bonus patch.
  • Simple sound browsing by either selecting via menu or jumping forward and backward by pressing the arrows.
  • 23 totally new designed sounds (Pianos, Harps, Xylo etc)
  • 122 custom made snapshots to get you started.
  • 12 Custom IRs
  • Beautiful 3D GUI for your inspiration.

Announcing Resona v.2.0

Resona has still all of the "old" samples in it, but comes along with many fresh new sounds. Earliest release date will be dec 2017, but I guess it will be 2018.

Here's a list with all features added in v. 2.0:

  • Beautiful 3D GUI for your inspiration.
  • Dual Layer architecture for almost all patches, that lets you morph between two sound sources inside one patch.
  • Arpeggiator now available for ALL Plucks, Bells etc.
  • Phrase Sequencer patch for the Shorts, that will let you create interesting arpeggios etc. (The Sequencer works like a choir phrase sequencer. Whenever you release key, the sound of the next step will be triggered. It is sort of a custom round robin system)
  • Predefined Presets can be loaded for the effects, that will inspire you even further.
  • Full ADSR control now for ALL patches.
  • Almost the double sample amount.

This is a first shot of the interface for the Arp Patches. The Short Patches will have a slightly different UI with only one layer, sequencers and an extra Arpeggiator tab.


!Audio Demos coming soon!