Sound Aesthetics Sampling

Inspirational Sounds

Welcome to the official hompage of Sound Aesthetics Sampling.


We are a small team of sounddesigners and composers, bringing you inspirational and easy to use virtual instruments and sounds for NI Kontakt. Furthermore it is important that every single sample has the sound we want - and you don't get hundreds of simply cutted round robin samples -. All sample libraries we're producing tend into a "cinematic" direction from really lush and wide pads to thundering perkussion ensembles or expressive solo instruments as well as a lot of sounddesigned elements.


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Now let us inspire you !


Metamorpha is the first in a new smaller series of libraries we'll be releasing. The idea behind this is to have beautiful little instruments at your fingertips that inspire you and that do not have an overcomplicated engine. First of all it's just plug&play. Metamorpha:Allmosphere covers everything from designed Pads, Textures, Brass, Strings and much more, which have been designed from the original recordings of our library Broken Bells.

  • Powerful but simple engine.
  • ASR control.
  • Texturizer and Spreader Functions to make every key press create a unique outcome.
  • Dynamic purging for saving system ressources.
  • Simple sound browsing by either selecting via menu or jumping forward and backward by pressing the arrows.
  • Based upon our library Broken Bells.
  • Over 115 Patches to get you started.
  • 35 Multis.
  • Beautiful 3D GUI for your inspiration.