So we're proud to announce our promotion "show us your music" and it is what it says: Create music with one or multiple instruments of ours and you will receive a 40% off Coupon, which can be applied onto everything during the promotion including the already discounted bundles. Here are a few simple rules about how to take part:

  • Create a track with a minimum of 60 sec. and a maximum length of 300 sec.
  • Only use SAS instruments exclusively (you can download Fragments if you have none) and no other ones, but you may use effect plugins and do resampling and such as much as you want to so you can go crazy sounddesignwise as long as our instruments are the base sounds
  • Upload it to Soundcloud and send us the link over at and we'll be sending you an individual promo code, which is valid until the end of the promotion, which is on september 30th
  • Enjoy :)

Also as a hint I might add that it will be worth it putting real effort into this and it might be even worth for those that do already have everything from us ;)