Hey there,

I am happy to announce our "Love" Sale, which will start on May 21st and end on June 30th.

There are a lot of things happening over here at SAS including th birth of my son within the next two or maybe three weeks, which forces me - as all of you might understand - to focus on my family more than on SAS. So in the followup this means that I don't know how responsive I am going to be within the coming one or two months from now so please be patient when reaching out for support from my side and don't get frustrated. I hope You all understand that. I'll still be working on some stuff in the background in every free minute I have :)

To celebrate this event with you am I setting up this sale so read below to see all the details. All discount can be used either on all single products or even bundles (except newly Paradox Lost). If You already own something from a bundle feel free to write me a mail at along with Your proof of purchase:

- Use LOVE_70 (0 Uses Left) for 70% Discount
- Use LOVE_60 (96 Uses Left) for 60% Discount
- Use LOVE_50 (Unlimited)

All the Best and happy shopping :)




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