End of Spring Special

We've got a special promotion for you until June 1st. There are three coupon codes available, each of them carrying a different discount amount, the ones with the higher savings are limited to a certain number. In addition to that did we also create some bundles, which are ONLY available during this promotion. We don't give coupon codes for higher amounts to certain customers since this would not be fair to everyone else. So it works like this:

  • Browse through our website and find the products you like
  • Head to our webshop (click "SHOP" at the top of the page or in the menu)
  • Put all the products you want to buy in your basket
  • Enter the coupon code (In the Payment block below the total price; you have to put something into your basket first to see it)
  • Finish purchase

Here are the Codes:

  1. SPRING_SAS_70 (70% off, limited to 25 uses)
  2. SPRING_SAS_55 (55% off, limited to 50 uses)
  3. SPRING_SAS_40 (40% off, unlimited)