Since we were in touch with a lot of customers lately we decided to raise the prices to an appropriate level so they won't be faulted as being bad just because they're low priced. When starting out we thought that keeping the prices low and attractive would be a good way to widen the audience and increase sales. But in fact this hasn't been the case. Of course we could jump on the train and raise the prices by 4 or 5 times and keep it on sale for almost the whole year, but that's just not our philosophy. So we're putting up the prices just as much as we think it needs to represent the quality of the product well but with you still making a good deal even at full price. Also we want to tease you a bit more and tell you that we are working on updating some of our current products and the updates will of course be free, including the highly requested and promised update for Resona.


So from now on til the end of march you can buy ALL products at around the old prices again plus saving additional 30% by using the discount code below. Basically on most products you can save up to 60% when combining both, bundles included.

  • Browse through our range of products
  • Visit our shop OR buy through the product page directly
  • enter discount code  SPRING_SPECIAL_30  to save additional 30%
  • Enjoy :)