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Chord organ is a collaboration between Beautiful Void Audio, Sound Aesthetics Sampling, and Foster's Lab. We found an old worn out, out of tune Magnus Chord Organ, and turned it into a unique Kontakt instrument which goes far beyond its original intent. These sounds can be useful for a wide range of genres, including ambient, synth, cinematic, comedy, horror, science fiction, vintage, and more.

Version 2 Update:


The update features 139 all new samples (96khz, 24bit), coming in at a total of 1.16GB of newly added content (uncompressed). With those samples we've created 31 new inspiring patches (in 4 sound categories) and 7 new multis.



  • 01 Accordion (7 patches)
  • 02 Experimental (9 patches)
  • 03 Pads (7 patches)
  • 04 Keys and Plucks (8 patches)
  • 05 Multis (7 patches)

We focused on creating sounds which are inspiring and unique, based on new approaches to sound design -which we stumbled upon since the initial release.

Erick created a vast array of Playthroughs so listen to some of them below :)


  • 92 preset patches, including several creative sound design patches.
  • 20 useful multis using the various presets from the original 92 Instrument Patches.
  • 694 Samples, NCW compressed to 2.36GB (as downloaded).
  • Treat V2 as a new install and replace old files.

IMPORTANT: Requires full version of Kontakt 5.8.1