Consona is a simple but powerful Ensemble Engine for Kontakt 5. It was originally created for our team during the work on Spring Choirs, the upcoming conter part to Autumn Choirs and will also include Vocal recordings other than AC. The functions will be of course way more extensive, but Consona can be a really cool Sounddesign

application if You want to create Your own unique Choral Voices, Vocal Pad and much more...And Don't limit Yourself to Voices only, try it on solo instruments like guitars, violins etc.

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If you choose to get it through the shop then You'll be redirected to our Fastspring Webshop where You can add Consona to Your cart and check out (You don't have to pay anything of course). After that You'll receive an email with the download links. Enjoy :)

Obviously are the Ensemble settings the core of the engine. Here You can control five Parameters:

  • Number of Voices (per Layer not global)
  • Stereo Spread of the Voices
  • Random Detune Amount (Per Voice)
  • Random Tone Variation Amount (Per Voice)
  • Weighting to dampen the Voices in the middle a bit for a more natural sound

!Note! The Ensemble settings are applied globally to ALL three layers together.

(In Spring Choirs You'll be able to control those settings for each layer individually)

Besides thickening Your sounds through the ensemble engine are You also able to mix up to three layers together. On the Layers (Here called Voices) do You have the following controls:

  • Activate/Deactivate Layers
  • Setting Stereo Width of each Layer
  • Setting Panorama Position " "
  • Setting Volume " "
  • Setting Low Pass (LP2) frequency " "

Consona Manual
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