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This library contains beautiful and imperfect Glass and Bell sound along with textures to colorize your tracks. It also includes a variety of presets (49 Patches and 18 Multis) where we really mangled the sounds and took advantage of the engine. Just take a listen to the audio demos below or watch the playthrough at the bottom of the page. All demos are only using sounds from this library and they were only mixed a little so that You won't be fooled by perfectly mixed and mastered tracks.

 The library is built within a dual layer engine so You can easily mix two sounds together and adjust settings for each one individually. The interface gives you full ADSR control and has a master section where you can set Stereo width, Filter (LP) cutoff, Output gain and Panorama position. There are also octave and sample offset controls; available for each layer individually as well.

It carries 4 LFOs (two per layer), all time independent from each other.

And You can route each LFO to Volume, Pan and Cutoff at the same time by just moving the red intensity knobs of the respective Modulator.


The following features are available for each LFO:

  • Waveform (Select from Sine, Triangle, Saw and Rectangle)
  • Sync value (Set the Sync Rate of the LFO)
  • Multiplier (Multiplies the Sync Rate by this value)
  • PW (Determine the Pulsewidth of the Wave; Only applies to Rectangle Wave)
  • Vol, Pan, Cut (Set how much the LFO should modulate the three parameters)


The Motion tab is only available for the textures patches.


The Fx rack includes an EQ (one for each of the two layers; EQ1 and EQ2), which is meant to roughly edit the sound. It also carries a LowPass Filter (LP1) which can be linked to velocity in order to dampen higher frequencies on lower dynamics.


In the Middle You have three tabs to further shape the sounds:

  • Color: Master EQ with a limited range (only 3dB) and Tape Saturation emulation.
  • Mod: A simple Flanger and a Chorus to thicken the sound or create crazy modulated sounds.
  • Space: A synced Delay along with a Convolution Reverb (comes with 8 custom Impulse Responses designed for this library).




Quick Playthrough some of the Patches and Multis included in Talua.

Quick video showing the features on the Motionpage.

Quick Video to showcase how to create custom Presets.

Big Thank You to Gary from Online Music Foundry for providing a video of his demo "In Autumn"!

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